Ekonomia społeczna w swym głównym nurcie nie działa przeciwko rynkowi, ale stara się go wykorzystywać jako ważny instrument realizacji celów społecznych.
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Better Future of Social Economy
aktualizacja: 22.05.2013


The Better Future for the Social Economy (BFSE) Network was a Learning Network promoted by  Managing Authorities of the European Social Fund, which exchanges knowledge and experiences and shares best practices, in order to foster the development of the social economy within ESF operational programmes.
The network is led by the Polish Ministry of Regional Development in partnership with the ESF Managing Authorities of Flanders (Belgium), Sweden, the Czech Republic and Lombardy Region (Italy). As well as these core partners, other ESF Managing Authorities (namely England and Finland), public authorities, experts and social economy representatives at local, regional, national and European level are involved in the network’s activities. The Network is funded by a grant from the European Commission for 2009-2012.
Over the last three years the network has worked together with partners and stakeholders in order to reach its objectives, namely:
Improving the quality and efficiency of Structural Fund programmes and their impact on employment, social inclusion and training across Europe;
Promoting support for social economy in participating Member States;
Identifying, sharing and disseminating good practices regarding support measures, especially to countries where the social economy is less developed;
Developing EU policy and tools (vertical mainstreaming).
BFSE has worked on solutions for the social economy in five thematic strands focusing on:
In each strand the members of the network have shared their knowledge and good practices, and taken part in peer reviews and learning seminars in order to understand how Managing Authorities can better support the development of social economy through the ESF.