Każdej działalności ekonomicznej powinien towarzyszyć wzgląd na społeczne i środowiskowe konsekwencje działań. Ich ignorowanie jest źródłem kryzysów zarówno na poziomie globalnym jak i lokalnym.
Manifest Ekonomii Społecznej

Current events
aktualizacja: 25.07.2012

Polish Social Economy Meetings (OSES)
Annual OSES conferences are organized for representatives of social economy institutions, academic experts, strategic partner institutions from other sectors, and decision-makers. The several-day event offers participants the opportunity to network, reflect on the current condition of the sector, and consider its future perspectives. Special events, such as a social economy market, are also organized to engage the general public. The OSES meetings are important not only because they provide a space for social economy stakeholders to meet and discuss, but because they portray the image of a cohesive, integrated social economy sector to the broader public.

OSES in year 2012:
Will be held between 11th and 2th of October in Krakow. Participants represent social economy entities, NGOs, public administration and local governments. Main organizer of the event is Związek Lustracyjny Spółdzielni Pracy.

Year 2012 is the International Year of Cooperatives, so the main topic of the OSES this time is the link between cooperatives movement and social economy. 

Other subjects of workshops and panels are, for example, measuring social added value of social enterprises, financial instruments, cooperation between social economy and public administration, as well as business and academic institutions.

Some of the current projects:

  • „Zintegrowany System Wsparcia Ekonomii Społecznej” – initiated July, 2009, scheduled to end December, 2013; its objective is to create an efficient network of insititutions supporting social economy in Poland.
  • „Best Social Enterprise of the Year” competition: organized by the Foundation for Social and Economic Initiatives, the competition aims to emerge and reward the best social enterprises which are ready to compete on the open market and whose focus is the generation of social profit. The application forms are being assessed by a team of experts, and a specially chosen competition council (including celebrities from the areas of business, NGOs and media) will come to a verdict. The awards have both financial and advisory forms, and the Best Social Enterprise of the Year will receive a grand total of 50 000 zl. There are also four other awards – one in the amount of 20 000 zl and three in the amount of 10 000 zl – in „The Idea for Development” category, designed for younger or smaller enterprises. The closure of the competition will take place on November 18th, 2011, during the Social Entrepreneurship Day. The patron of the competition gala is the President of the Republic of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski.

To learn more about events held in the past, see the „Past events” section.